Custom Workshops

Inside Sales Strategies

Want to learn how to increase your close rate to over 90%?  Want to work smarter, not harder and increase your sales while doing it?  Our Inside Sales Strategies workshop covers proven sales techniques to close business, streamline your booking process, track leads and increase your event sales.  Close every deal, it’s a beautiful thing.

300% Return on Offsite Events

Did you know every time you represent your business with a booth or a sampling at an offsite event you should be getting a minimum of three-times return on your investment?  Make offsite events work for you to build your client database and your event sales.  300%, it can happen for you.

Effective Outside Sales

The words “outside sales” usually send sales managers running for the hills.  What if you had a step by step guide to target the right prospects, engage them in your business, effectively build new guests AND had results to show for it?  What if you could have all of this success AND it was fun?  If you are interested in doubling or tripling your event sales revenue we’ll see you there!