About Us

Upgrade your event sales, market reach, organization and staff training to improve your guest experience and increase your profit line.

Our Mission

We are an event sales driven consulting company.  We are passionate about helping restaurant and hospitality companies succeed financially in our proven area of expertise.  Event sales are often an underutilized revenue stream for an organization, and we know first-hand that sharpening this area can exponentially increase existing revenue, as well as create brand new revenue streams. 

We believe that increasing the profit line begins with hiring and training the right event sales team, and then creating tools, a plan, and a culture where all team members are set up for success and can be valued assets who champion your business.  We look forward to meeting you, learning what makes your company unique, and creating a plan that will maximize the revenue potential for you.

Our Founder

Gina LeBike

Gina started Upgrade in 2017 after 15 years of event sales experience in some of the top restaurants, bars and venues in Chicago. 

Since starting Upgrade, she has worked with close to 50 different concepts and has personally helped increase event sales from 10-40% for her partners. 

Gina has earned a reputation as an innovative, skilled, action-based sales leader and trainer and is passionate about making event sales a high impact revenue center for the companies she works with.